Wednesday, 2 May 2018

How to make money in share market without investment?

Many individuals cannot resist the temptation of riding the wave of the bull market. If you have all the knowledge and required skills that one needs to invest and trade in the stock market, then you can make money in share market without investment. In other words, you have the talent but no funds for investment.

Here are some methods, you can choose the appropriate method which suits you most, either full-time or part-time. Most of the methods will help you earn from someone else’s stock investment.
Job at stock brokerage house

In the initial period, you may have difficulty in acquiring clients. So the best way is to join some stock brokerage house. This will give you experience, with your communication skills you can be in good books of your present clients which will help you in your future endeavors when you start on your own. Your post can be customer service executive or relationship manager. Your role will provide your clients with timely and valuable services as to in which stock to invest in. It will be mostly one to one contact.

Providing investment tips

There are many new and unskilled investors or traders who need proper guidance in the stock market before trading. You can become their stock analyst and manage their portfolio. You can start providing best investments tips. These investment tips will help them to tackle market speculations. You can also help them in identifying multi-bagger stocks, chose right IPO, MF or bonds. This can be a paid subscriber service through SMS, E-mails, or your own website etc.

There is a different strategy for day to day share trading and long-term investments. If you have skill sets to track and trade stocks than you can do this for your clients. You can go in for a written agreement for sharing of profit/loss with your client for long-term investments. Once you are successful in generating regular profits, you can broaden your client base, that is, have a written agreement with multiple clients on same profit/loss sharing basis.Sharing of profit/loss

Become a broker or sub-broker

A stockbroker is a professional agent who executes buy and sell orders and is a trading member of the stock exchange. He gets his fee or commission for his services. He passes the exam to become one or purchases the ticket to become one.

Sub-broker works in assisting the broker but is not a trading member. He is required to obtain a registration certificate from SEBI in India. A stockbroker can have many sub-brokers assisting him. Usually, sub-brokers are in direct touch with the clients.
Paid teaching classes

You can start your classes teaching eager new and unskilled investors and traders for making strategies for stock trading and investments. You can provide them with good solutions, so as to how to use their money to gain better returns in bull and bear market phases. Many can be first-time investors too. You may have to invest money for class rent and other office expenses.

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