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Earn Money Through Resume Writing Services

A resume is nothing but a brief summary of a job seeker’s personal information, past experience history, and education etc.

It is used to make a positive impression on an employer. That is why it is one of the most vital steps taken at some point during a job search.

In order to get a job, it is necessary to impress the employer as Resume is a ticket to get shortlisted for the interview.

Always think resume as a tool to introduce you and your skills to an employer in an impressive way.

The Resume should contain all the information about you, your skills, education, past employment so that an employer is able to judge easily.

If you are new to resume writing, there are many websites which provide you online steps to resume writing.

Spend some time reviewing in professional resume samples online.

Customize your resume effectively to give it a professional look by using advanced editing features available in various tools and software.

A resume is really a great importance to job seekers which can give him or her a boost to career.

Difference between CV and Resume:

Most of us get confused between Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Resume.

Some assume that both are the same and some have clarity that both are different in nature.

Both Resume and CV includes information about you, work experience, achievements, education etc.

Now let us see the difference between the two:

A resume is a more standard document to prepare for the job interview and it is divided into four sections: Objective, Summary, Work Experience and Education.

The main difference between the CV and resume is the length. A resume is no longer than 2 pages but CV can exceed 5 or more pages by including everything in brief.

Resume emphasizes skills whereas CV concentrates on academic accomplishments.

We use the resume to apply it for IT industry, public sectors etc and CV is used to apply for positions in academia, fellowship etc.

A curriculum vitae follow a fixed format for any job you are applying for, but the format of resume may vary based on the job you are applying for.

In short, CV is an overview of your education and work experience, whether a resume is a description of skills and talents.

How to create a professional resume?

Creating a professional and polished resume can be a challenging task. We can overcome the challenges if we follow certain tips to write the resume effectively.

Our sample resume will give you an idea to write your resume effectively.

Before you begin writing your resume, choose a word processor, either offline or online word processor.

The online word processor is more beneficial, as you can edit it anytime and share it with anyone easily.

Follow the below steps to write a professional resume:

1.) Gather your personal and work experience information.

It is better to gather all the required information for writing your resume so that you do not miss any important information.

Have a proper resume heading and a valid objective to project your skills and qualification.

Include your work experience, education, and personal information in a sequential order.

Achievement, skills, and highlights about you will give you added advantage.

3.) Choose your resume layout like chronological, functional, combination layouts. Most job seekers prefer chronological layout.

4.) Formatting your resume is the next step, once you have completed entering the information.

Choose an appropriate font like Arial, Verdana etc, font size and style which is pleasing and appealing to an employer.

5.) Review our sample resume for your reference and change it according to your requirement.

6.) Save and export it as PDF, which gives you more professional look than docs.

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