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8 Steps to make money with Google AdWords

Join your Affiliate Network or Networks

The initial step to profiting on the web without a site is to join a few affiliate programs of any affiliate network.

Look at some of the top Affiliate Networks For Affiliate Marketing 
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate Window
  • eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network
  • Tradedoubler, etc.
The one that I use is Commission Junction (generally known as CJ) as it’s the most mainstream affiliate network and is the favored associate stage of Apple, Yahoo!, Dell, HP, AT&T, Western Union, Mint, and many other top rated companies.

You can join Commission Junction free as an advertiser.

2.) Now apply for different Affiliate Programs that suit your requirements

In case, you have joined Commission Junction. Now, suppose you need to promote few of the “payday loans” partner programs on Commission Junction (there are huge amounts of Payday Loan Partner Program on CJ), then to apply-
Just sign on to CJ Account Manger and explore “Get Links”.
Now, you need to enter “payday loans” in the inquiry field and survey every one of the programs given there and apply for the one that have the optimum EPC (earning per click).
In case they deny your application then you can contact their associate group through CJ Mail or by sending an immediate email to their manager.

3.) Promote the Affiliate Program that offers optimum benefit

To make money with Google AdWords, I have chosen “PaydayLoans Pay Big” affiliate program as it offers great commission and encouraging EPC. That is not all; they also offer commissions for new and in addition past clients.

Additionally, they let you find three of the top converting payday loans, which mean with the help of a single application, you will get the access to more projects and alternatives.

When you join any affiliate program, you will get the associate connections from CJ that you need to advance and promote by different means – Google AdWords, Banner Ads, Microsoft adCenter, Blogs, Text Link Ads, and so forth.

4.) Set up your Google AdWords Account

Setup Google AdWords

Now, you need to sign-p and set up Google AdWords. You can begin for free as Google offers free coupons to its advertisers.

To set up your AdWords account, you need to go to Google AdWords and click on ‘Start Now’.

Now, you should enter your email id (it would be better if you use a Gmail account) and home/landing page URL for opening your AdWords account.

After this, you are ready to set up your first AdWords campaign.

5.) Start your Google AdWords Campaign

Start Google AdWords Campaign

To start your first Google AdWords Campaign, you need to follow below given steps-

First of all, you need to choose your target locations, devices and networks

Then you need to choose your budget/day and the maximum cost per click you want to pay

Now, you can create your Ads

Once you do this, you need to select keywords that match your ads to your potential clients

Finally you need to enter your billing information

6.) Now your Ads are ready to appear On Google

When you begin your AdWords Campaign and make your advertisements, Google’s bots will audit the promotions and will favor or deny in minutes.

On the off chance that your campaign is endorsed, then your advertisement will show up on Google’s SERPs.

7.) Time has come for Clients to Click on Your Ad

Clients look for keywords (identified with payday loans) that you have chosen and your promotion will appear to them.

They click on your advertisement and it drives them to the advertiser’s site where they may apply for payday loan.

8.) Get Ready to Earn Commission- Cheers!

Google AdSense – earn commission

When the advertiser affirms the payday credit application proposed by the client, you get a commission. A large portion of the payday loan affiliate programs pay just for endorsed payday-loans.

However, there are others as well which pay for leads also. It implies you get paid regardless of the possibility that the credit application is denied.


Want to run successful Online Advertising Campaigns and make money online- then running Ads on Google is one of the most effective ways. You need to be aware of the costs and margins of your products and services and follow all the over-stated steps- it is guaranteed that Google AdWords will boost your ROI in the increased percentage points.

From the $3 spent on advertising on the web, Google generates $1.

More the 90% of $60 billion yearly income of Google originates from Google AdWords.

Google AdWords can be comprehended as a commercial centre where organizations pay to have their site positioned at the highest point of Google’s query item pages for their keywords. That is why knowing how to earn money from Google AdWords will help you earn money online in the most profitable and sustainable manner. You need to follow your Ads regularly and it is very important that you analyze related data. Conversion is a must to make money with Google AdWords. This is an assured response to one the frequently asked questions: ‘How to earn money from Google Ads’. On the off chance that you have any questions then do not hesitate to drop a remark in the comment section below.

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