Friday, 20 December 2019

Create an online business from your knowledge

1. Fitness and nutrition services

More and more people are turning to healthy cuisine and lifestyle, which is why the fitness and nutrition industry is huge — and a solid online business idea.

Here are a few ways you can make money online while helping people get healthy:
  • Sell custom meal plans (paleo, weight-loss, plant-based).
  • Create and sell digital products, like workout plans, e-books, or online courses.
  • Remote personal training service.
  • Health Coaching.

2. Create an online business from your knowledge

If you want to start an online business from home and you’ve got skills that are in demand, why not create and teach classes?

If you’re worried about the technical side of selling online courses, don’t be. There are services that make it easy. For example, Podia enables to create, upload, and sell online courses all in one platform.

What to do you know how to do well? Anything from hobbies like baking bread, essentials like productivity, and professional skills like marketing can become a successful online course.

3. Consulting

Help others succeed, while you start your small business ideas— consulting as an expert in your field.

To get started, you can charge for services like on-demand consulting calls, while you work towards recurring revenue with long-term consulting clients.

4. Amazon FBA

Speaking of good businesses, Amazon FBA lets you sell customized products without having to take care of storage or shipping.

FBA means “Fulfilled by Amazon” because Amazon handles fulfillment. But unlike a dropshipping business, you have to invest in inventory up front.

Manufacturers will customize and package a product with your private label branding. The inventory is then shipped to an Amazon warehouse for storage and order processing.

5. Designing merchandise

If you’re creative, what better way to show it than by starting an online business selling your artwork on merch like t-shirts and tote bags?

If you want to keep it simple and just stick to design, there are many options. You can use Merch by Amazon, Teespring, and Society6 to name a few. They do all the printing and order processing, and you get paid when someone orders one of your designs.

6. Productize your service and start an online business

A productized service is a way to earn monthly recurring revenue, or flat-rate packages, instead of continually chasing after clients. If you can provide a service online, you can productize it.

Pro tip: there is a huge demand for effective lead magnets. This is a great opportunity for someone with some hustle to start a productized business creating lead magnets for bloggers and businesses.

This online business model is scalable because you can hire out some of your workloads as you grow the business. It works for many services, including:
  • Graphic Design
  • WordPress support
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Consulting and Coaching

7. SEO business

SEO is the lifeblood of online marketing, so if you have the knowledge, start your online business by offering search engine optimization services.

8. Online ad management business

A lot of businesses want to run Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, but they don’t know-how. If you’re skilled at advertising and know your way around bids and CPA, you have a business idea that’s in demand.

To get your first clients, start with local businesses that want to test the online marketing waters.

10. Writing music

If you write music and you’ve been told, “Hey, I think I heard that on the radio,” why not take it seriously and start a business?

Writing for film and tv can be a perfect online business for musicians — and it’s easier than ever to get your music out there. For example, TuneCore helps songwriters sell rights to their music for use in advertising, film, and tv.

TuneCore also helps songwriters get published and distributed without a record deal. And they take care of collecting and distributing royalties. That means you’ll get paid every time someone streams or purchases one of your songs through a digital platform like Spotify or Apple Music.

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