Wednesday, 27 May 2020

What is the relationship between a Gojek Clone Script and the WhatsApp-Jio Deal?

A piece of recent news that became prominent in India was the collaboration between Reliance Jio and Facebook. The latter bought a 9.99% stake in the former which was worth 5.7 billion dollars. The move was to optimize Indian small-scale enterprises. 

Furthermore, another collaboration has taken place, and it is between Facebook again and its subsidiary Whatsapp. 

So how does this impact the entire app development industry? 

Let us speak of some facts before that. 

(i) Whatsapp features over 500 million users in India alone 

(ii) Reliance's Jio has over 350 million subscribers in India 

(iii) Reliance's JioMart app will help in the online transaction for three crores small Kirana shops 

(iv) Facebook is making attempts to implement Whatsapp pay in the nation 

(v) India has over 60 million small scale businesses 

All the above facts speak of India's digitization-oriented shift, and the deals could very well signify that the Indian market is going to be transfigured by the instant messaging app and JioMart. This could lead to even more employments for sure. 

Now is this deal to reign supreme in the Indian market? 

The answer is Yes because of the following facts when it comes to the Indian Market. 

(i) MSMEs in India number in over 60 million 

(ii) Further, there are 30 million small and medium scale merchants who are unaccounted for. 

(iii) The electronics market domain of India is expected to accelerate at a CAGR of $41 between the years of 2017 and 2020. 

(iv) Roughly 822 million Indians will become smartphone users by 2022. 

(v) This market is estimated to amass a revenue worth 400 billion dollars. 

So, this deal between Jio and WhatsApp (thereby Facebook as well) can indeed be an ushering of a new era in the national market as more and more people are interested in digital markets. 

Will this deal pave the way for a multi-services app? 

This can happen for sure as it is similar to the Chinese Super App called WeChat. With WeChat, people can get umpteen services under a single roof, and this app has soared in popularity to encompass 1 billion active users. Speaking of the Indian deal, JioMart can integrate small scale enterprises from across the nation where payment can be made through Whatsapp. Facebook will take care of enthralling people to the app. In terms of On-Demand Services, several services are encompassing the likes of Swiggy (Food Delivery), Uber & Ola (Ride-Hailing), BigBasket&Grofers (Grocery-Delivery) and Practo (Healthcare) 

How about we imagine an app that covers all the above services? The Jio-Whatsapp deal serves to carry that out correctly. 

In other ways, software like a Gojek Clone Script will also prove to be very useful. 


The Facebook-Reliance Deal has enlightened several business firms when it comes to capitalizing on the Digitalization of India. You can also benefit with the help of a Gojek Clone Script. 

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