Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Classic Data Entry Jobs

Classic data entry jobs have been there for a very long time. All other forms of data entry jobs came much later with the advent of internet but classic data entry jobs existed long before.

1. Data Entry Keyers

Data Entry Keyers responsibilities involves accurately extracting pertinent information from all types of documents (like academia, business, legal, medical etc) and typing data into databases likes an excel spreadsheet or company templates.

Then this data is delivered to the customers.

Data Keyers are also part of quality control where they identify errors in the data and fix them. Data Keyers must have a typing speed of 50 Word Per Minute with 0% error ratio. Knowledge MS Excel is also necessary.

On an average entry level Data Keyers can easily earn anything between $10 and $15. But experienced operators can earn even more. 

2. Data Entry Clerks

Data Entry Clerks follow specific procedures for completing various repetitive clerical jobs like filing documents in an alphabetical file, posting to individual accounts, calculating and posting to departmental accounts, coding etc.

You must have a High School and 2 years of prior work experience. You also must be familiar with variety of office software especially MS Office.

Data entry clerks can also earn up to $15 per hour.

Although Data entry clerk’s job is quite similar to Data entry Keyers but there is a difference. Data entry clerks’ job involves a lot of physical activities standing for long hours or frequently carry weight up to 20 lbs.

Both these jobs are offline but after COVID – 19 companies allow you to work from home online.

You can easily find these types of jobs in Fiverr. I have written a post here about Fiverr best ideas where you can check how people make lots of money by selling data entry jobs services.
Regular Online Data Entry Jobs

Following two online data entry jobs forms the bulk of online data entry work. 

3. Converting Image to Text

This was my first online data entry job. You will be given image files which is a screenshot of a paragraph that contains medical terminologies.

You have to read from images and write it down in a MS Word. A paragraph can be 100 – 150 words long. You have to convert such images into text format.

Here accuracy is very important because words are mainly medical terminologies and not regular English. Usually data entry companies demand 99.99% accuracy. So, you have to be very careful.

For converting one image file into text format you get $3 – $4. If you convert 25 – 30 such files in a day then you can easily $80 – $100 a day.

This is the most common data entry work you will come across the internet. 

4. Converting Audio to Text

Here you convert audio files into text format. You list to audio files and reproduce into a Word document.

You will require great listening skills because quite often voice is not clear and may contain many technical jargons. Typing speed is also very important if you want to complete a great number of files daily.

You can call it a transcribing job but it is different than a medical transcriptionist because videos does not include medical jargons.

You can earn well over $5 per file. 

Medical Transcriptionist & Medical Coder

Transcriptionist jobs requires training and some prior experience. However transcriptionists earn 4 to 5 times more than other regular data entry workers. 

5. Medical Transcriptionist

There is a huge demand of medical transcriptionist in USA. Companies from private as well as public sector are always looking out for an experienced medical transcriptionist.

A medical transcriptionist listens to various audio files and convert it into a word file. 

These audio files are basically medical files, voice mail messages, phone call recordings, conference calls and other recordings.

The challenge here is a transcriptionist has to listen and type dictations from doctors with thick accents and slur words. Sometimes voice in the video is not clear. 

You need great listening skills and complete familiarity with all the medical jargons. Otherwise you won’t be able to understand certain words.

To become a transcriptionist, you need training and an experience of at least 2 years. Companies are willing to pay $20 – $25 per hour to medical transcriptionists. 

6. Medical Coder

A Medical coder has to read the patient’s health report, analyze his/her medical history such as illnesses being diagnosed, treatment given and then based on charts & reports transcribe patient’s medical history.

Medical coders transcribe codes into a “Shorthand” writing style which is then used by doctors, medical professionals and health insurance companies to know patient’s medical history.

This job is not for everyone because you need a certificate or a degree in medical coding. Prior work experience and training is also required. 

The salary is same as a medical transcriptionist.

These two jobs can be called data entry work but they are not for everyone.

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