Wednesday, 10 January 2018

10 Little Known Ways to Make Extra Money Offline

People are often told to cut back on their spending when they complain of living from pay day to pay day with nothing left over with which to enjoy life. This is of course financially sound advice but in reality it might be harder to carry out than many like to believe, especially if much of your monthly spending goes towards paying off earlier spending splurges involving credit cards or personal loans.

You don’t need to devote your whole life to make extra money. How much time you spend on making extra money is up to you. In these cases one may feel trapped in a cycle of never having enough money, however, very few people have saved their way to becoming wealthy. The secret to living a better life is to earn more money, so you don’t have to give up the things you want, and this can be done by almost anyone who wants to use a little initiative.

In order to get your mind active in thinking of ways you can increase your income, the following 10 little known ways to earn extra cash might well be very helpful to you, and you won’t always be stuck in front of a computer:
  1. Help people go green: In this day and age of climate change being constantly on our minds you could a benefit from becoming a green advisor. This could be the part time job of the future. If you are up to date on what’s needed in lifestyle changes that result in a resident using less energy, you could become quite sought after changing light bulbs to LEDs or CFLs, installing ceiling fans or even programmable thermostats.
  2. Help people set stuff up: There is a big untapped market assisting people in setting up their newly purchased computers and home entertainment systems, even the latest digital TVs. A lot of furniture arrives at homes these days in cardboard boxes, someone has to do the assembly work and many people in the community are unable to do so. An advertisement in the local paper could do wonders to get your technical services out there.
  3. Help people with software installation/cleanup: Installing new programs on computers is a daunting task for many and some people are willing to pay others to help them. You could even get a regular call back to clean up their hard drive from time to time when things slow down a bit and the computer needs ridding of malware and viruses. Someone has to do this sort of maintenance, and you might as well be using the opportunity to earn extra cash.
  4. Help people catch up to new technology: We are presently in a period where technology is changing so fast that many are finding it difficult to keep up. Money can be earned helping people change videos such as VHS to DVDs, photo scanning, copying CDs to an MP3 player and any other format change that you can think of.
  5. Help people find their roots: Compiling a family history is another area that is very interesting to many but how to go about it is holding them back. You can assist these people by offering your services as a family researcher. Much information about a person’s history is out there these days but knowing how to find it baffles many.
  6. Rent out an extra room! Renting out an extra room in your house can be a great way to make extra money.
  7. Participate in peer-to-peer car rental programs: If your second biggest asset (your car) is sitting at home and not getting used throughout the week, why not rent it out and generate revenue whilst you are not using it? There are a number of peer-to-peer car rental websites around where you can register your vehicle for rent.
  8. Offer childcare for sick children: Most childcare centres won’t accept children who are sick or have runny noses. Mum and dad still have to work however and if you were to look after these children it would be a great relief to many parents when they are pressed to get to work. All you need do would be to contact a few childcare centres and offer your services. It could be all go from there. However, you will probably be required to be registered and comply with local laws and regulations.
  9. Offer pet sitting services in client’s home: Many people don’t like leaving their pets at kennels when they are away from home for a while. Offering a service where you could visit them at their home, feeding them and taking them for walks would be a most sought after and welcome service pet which lovers would be willing to pay for.
  10. Sew!: Sewing is not as commonplace as it once was, therefore busy people with no time on their hands who want some sewing done, are willing to pay someone else for having this service carried out for them. Clothing stores and dry cleaners are always looking for people with these skills. Even taking in a bit of ironing work would compliment your sewing business.
Also, whatever side income idea you come up with, you will always need to protect yourself against anything going wrong by having sufficient income protection insurance. No matter how much money you can earn through your day job and side income projects, if you were to be injured, both you and your dependants would be left worse off than you were before, as your debts and living expenses still need to be covered. So make sure that you are properly covered.

Finally, you might also want to consider selling anything that you no longer need in an online marketplace. This can include textbooks that are leftover from your college days, clothing that no longer fits you, or household items that you do not use anymore. There is a particularly large market if you want to sell back your textbooks, since current students often need the same books that you have used, but do not want to pay full price for new ones. If you have any extra books around the house, you might as well make a few bucks while helping a student save some money in the process.

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