Monday, 4 June 2018

What should freelancers must know


1. Copyblogger

A long-standing pillar in the blogging community, Copyblogger (founded by Brian Clark) has been helping bloggers create content since 2006. The tips covered on this site, however, are useful for any freelancer or startup trying to learn how to market themselves.

2. ProBlogger

Another veteran in the world of blogging and making money, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has built an incredibly popular, useful, and legitimate website dedicated to content advice, tutorials, and trends.

3. CopyHackers

With topics like lead generation, landing clients, and quality content, CopyHackers is one of the best freelance blogs out there for copywriters trying to make it on their own. It also serves as a freelance marketplace and is a good resource for landing a gig.

4. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing is another one of those blogs for freelancers that’s been around for awhile, and that’s a testament to the wisdom and success of its founder, Carol Tice. This blog provides real-life, hands-on to many of the burning questions a freelance copywriter might have.

5. The Middle Finger Project

Middle Finger Project founder Ash Ambirge flips the bird at traditional marketing and copywriting strategies, and I’ve got to say, I’m super glad she does. Her ultra-relatable and to-the-point blog posts (not to mention the freelancing resources she offers) will make you rethink your approach to being a business owner, and help you get off your butt.


6. Moz

A host of qualified writers and Rand Fishkin himself (of Moz fame) come together on the Moz blog to bring entrepreneurs and startup founders a veritable smorgasbord of tech tips, SEO wisdom, and profound pitching know-how.

7. Kissmetrics

The Kissmetrics blog ventures deep into the world of content marketing by sharing brilliant posts full of delicious data-centric content. If you’re into SEO, analytics, and upping your conversions, this is the blog for you.

8. Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner blog is but one part of a marketing empire, complete with podcasts and events to boot. That being said, the blog itself is a fantastic resource for keeping up with the ever-changing and exhausting trends and algorithms of social media.

9. Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin. What can I say about this guy other than the fact that he’s the man when it comes to making you think, making you think about how you think, and even making you change how you think… and all of that (no matter how fluffy it may sound when I say it) can turn you into a brilliant marketer.

10. Hubspot Blog

A leader in the world of inbound marketing, Hubspot has built a blog that covers all the bases. With your choice of blog posts centered on either marketing or sales, the Hubspot Blog provides topics that range from fun freelance brain-escapes to business-tanking mistakes.

11. Marie Forleo

If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and a fairly star-studded freelance blog experience, dynamically successful entrepreneur Marie Forleo’s blog is for you. Check it out for actionable tips to help keep you pumped up and effective in your career and inspiring interviews with other successful startup founders and freelancers.

12. 500 Hats

What do you get when you combine slashing wit, expertly-placed memes, and some serious marketing know how? 500 Hats, that’s what.

13. Duct Tape Marketing

Attention to trends coupled with a keen eye focused on the evolution of marketing, this no-nonsense entrepreneurial marketing blog is a fantastic resource for business owners who want to keep up with the changing digital tides.

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