Friday, 6 April 2018

How can I earn money from the share market daily?

In the past, people have lost fortunes in the share market.

There are only handful of examples of people who made the share market dance to their tunes.

So why this ambiguity?

On one side we have people for whom share market is like an alien world. On the other side there are people who earns money in share market as if it was too easy.
There has always been this divide prevailing in the share market.
People who do not understand share market, treat it as a roulette table. People who earn money from market, prefers to keep their knowledge as a secret.

So how a common man can learn and earn money in share market?

There are no easy answers & quick solutions.
But if someone has time, share market skills can be learnt and mastered.
Lets see some basic share market facts that a common man must know to earn money here.

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General know-how about shares

  • The performance of share market is very unpredictable, and this confuses people.
  • On one day, one can earn money in stock market, and the other day all can be lost.
  • If you will ask me how to earn money in share market, I will say, there are no set rules.
  • This becomes specially true if we speculate in stock market.
  • Best alternative to speculation is to practice long term investing in stocks.
  • This type of investing is more reliable and can ensure long term returns.

Long term investing prevents people from thinking about speculative methods.

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