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Get Free Money for Opening an Account

The following offers pay you money just for opening an account. Of course, each company has its own set of conditions to receive the bonus. Be sure to read each one carefully before signing up.
Survey Companies

Survey websites commonly offer an incentive for new customers. It’s usually as simple as creating an account, filling out your profile, and completing a few simple tasks.

1. InboxDollars ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

InboxDollars is similar to Swagbucks. They pay you for taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

One thing that makes InboxDollars unique is that they also give you rewards just for reading their emails. Every time you confirm you’ve read one of their emails, they’ll reward you with cash.

But what really landed InboxDollars on our list of ways to get free money is their $5 sign-up bonus for new members. If you don’t already have an account, simply create one and fill out the new member survey and you’ll receive a $5 credit.

There is a small catch — you need $30 in order to withdraw your earnings. But with all the options for earning rewards, that shouldn’t take long to achieve.

12. Vindale Research ($1 Sign-Up Bonus)

Vindale Research is similar to other survey sites on this list. The company rewards members for taking surveys, watching videos, and reading their promotional emails.

Members can also earn by referring friends, finding rewards codes on the company’s blog and social media pages, and sending in a photo or video to show off their earnings.

Vindale’s minimum payout is a bit higher than some of its competitors. You have to wait until your account balance reaches $50 in order to cash out via PayPal. However, they also have some of the higher-paying surveys on the market, with many in the $10 to $15 range.

Earn your first $1 by creating your account.

Saving and Investing Apps

If you’re looking for ways to automate saving and investing, these apps can help.

13. Acorns ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

The Acorns app is for the non-financially savvy investor. The app connects to your checking account and credit cards.

Whenever you spend with a linked account, Acorns will round up the transaction to the nearest dollar and transfer the change to your Acorns investment account.

To qualify for the $5 bonus, you’ll need to sign up for Acorns and link a funding checking account.

Answer a few questions so Acorns can put together your portfolio.

Once your account is set up, Acorns will add $5 for free to help you get started.

14. Stash ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

When you sign up for Stash and deposit at least $5 into your account, you’ll receive an additional $5 of completely free money.

As a Stash investor, you can buy and sell fractions of shares in your favorite companies or invest in themed ETFs to support a cause or industry you’re passionate about.

Options vary from blue-chip companies to cannabis distributors and everything in between.

The Stash learning center has dozens of articles and guides on how to invest, and the Stash Coach is there to uplevel your investing knowledge through fun challenges and games.

If hands-on investing isn’t your forte, there’s an automatic investing option as well.

15. Stockpile ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

Update 07/17/2019: The $5 sign-up bonus for Stockpile is currently unavailable. We’ll update this article with new promotions if/when they become available.

Investing hands on is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the stock market and take control of your portfolio earnings. However, high stock prices are a deterrent for many would-be investors.

That’s where Stockpile comes in. With Stockpile, you can buy and sell fractions of shares at a much lower price point. For example, if 1 share of a stock is $1,000, you can buy 0.05 shares for $50. This allows you to invest in major companies like Amazon and Netflix at a more accessible price.

That’s where Stockpile comes in. With Stockpile, you can buy and sell fractions of shares at a much lower price point. For example, if 1 share of a stock is $1,000, you can buy 0.05 shares for $50. This allows you to invest in major companies like Amazon and Netflix at a more accessible price.
Bank Account Bonuses

Many banks offer a cash bonus when you open a new checking or savings account. The terms vary from bank to bank, but you’ll likely need to open an account, set up direct deposit, and keep it open for a few months.

16. Open a High-Interest Savings Account

One of the easiest ways to get free money is to upgrade your savings account. If you currently use a brick-and-mortar bank, you could earn 25+ times more in interest by switching to a high-yield online savings account.

Many brick-and-mortar banks offer interest rates of 0.01%. Since online banks don’t have the costs of operating physical locations, they can afford to pay customers 2.00% or more on a regular savings account.

For example, right now TD Bank is offering a $300 bonus when you open a TD Beyond Checking account and receive direct deposits of at least $2,500 within the first 60 days. As long as you set up direct deposit and meet the terms, it’s legitimate free money.

There are plenty of banks with similar offers. Before you sign up, just be sure to read through the offer conditions. And keep in mind that your bonus is subject to taxes, so you’ll need to report it come tax time.

Find Free Money in Your Budget

Even if it feels like you’re living paycheck to paycheck, chances are you have extra money floating around somewhere in your budget. Here’s how to find it.

Automatic Saving Apps

These automatic saving apps analyze your money and show you where you could save. So even though you’re not bringing in additional income, it feels like free money because you don’t have to work for it or see it come out of your account.

17. Trim

Trim is a simple, free tool that combs through your spending habits and finds quick, easy wins to put more money in your pocket. For example, Trim can negotiate your cable bill, suggest subscriptions you can cancel, and even help you find more affordable car insurance.

Your free Trim account comes with a dashboard overview of your finances, spending alerts and reminders, overdraft fee detection and negotiating, and more.

If you want Trim to negotiate bills on your behalf, all you have to do is send them a copy of your bill or sign in to your account through Trim and give some information about your service provider. They’ll look for better plans or promotions and notify you on what they find.

18. Qapital

When it comes to saving money, Qapital makes it about as painless as possible. The app offers nine different ways to save money using rules.

There’s a round-up option for saving your spare change. Each time you make a purchase with your linked account, Qapital will round up to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference into your savings.

The Payday and Set & Forget rules make a transfer daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you get paid. If you want to make saving a regular habit without crunching numbers to figure out how much you can set aside, let Qapital find free money for you on autopilot.

Our Qapital review goes into all the ways to save money with this app.

19. Digit ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

Saving money is a difficult habit to get into, especially if it feels like you’re already living paycheck to paycheck.

Digit analyzes your spending patterns to find money you didn’t even know you had. The app keeps close tabs on your spending and transfers savings to your Digit account a few dollars at a time.

You can withdraw your savings any time via text.

If Digit ever gets it wrong and overdrafts your account, they’ll reimburse you for any fees. Start your free 30-day trial with Digit to grab the $5 sign-up bonus.

20. Refinance Student Loans

If you have high-interest loans, you could free up hundreds of dollars per year by refinancing to a lower interest rate.

For example, if you have a $20,000 loan with a 6.55% APR and you refinance to a rate of 3.75%, you’ll save roughly $600 per year in interest charges.

If refinancing sounds like it might be a good fit for you, a comparison site like LendingTree can help you get started. Select the type of loan you’re looking for, fill out some information, and LendingTree will give you a list of potential lenders so you can easily compare your options.

Your lender will need to run a credit check and review your financial information. Keep in mind that if you refinance your loan for a longer period, then you may end up paying less per month but more in interest over the life of your new loan. Keep an eye out for origination fees and use an online calculator to make sure refinancing your loans makes sense.

It may not be free money in the sense that it increases your income. However, refinancing loans could free up cash in your budget and save you money in the long run.

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